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  1. WHAT DO I WANT? I want a simple sell head plugin but custom made. I want it so you can make a sign and right click it and I opens a GUI and you can drop all the mob heads in there to sell it for cash. I would like a config with all ok the mobs and the price of 1mob head sells for.

    I would like a command like this /sell heads then it opens a A GUI to sell the heads as well.

    So what will you have to make?

    A gui to sell the heads

    A command /sell heads which will open a gui to sell the heads.

    A sign with Sell Head on the first line and that is it.

    Can someone please make me this

    I am willing to pay some CASH for it.
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  3. Did you read the giant sticky thread stating this is NOT where you hire developers?
  4. Where do I hire them ? And the headhunter doesn't sell the heads in a GUI and keeps on broadcast in chat