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  1. If possible could someone please make a less buggy version of this plugin:


    It keeps glitching and i want it to appear on the left hand side of the players screen by default, without a player having to toggle the map on. Also could you add Placeholders to the plugin for

    • (Factions Map scoreboard will be right here)
    • Balance
    • Player Name
    • Rank
    • Faction power
    • Mcmmo
    Budget: $5 - $10
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  2. If you are hiring developers you are supposed to do so in this section.
    There is no way to make it appear on the left side of the screen. The options are: chat, sidebar (right side of the screen).
    I highly doubt anyone will do this for $10, especially with a description this tiny. Use Paint to make an example of what you want, that's probably the easiest way.
  3. 1. Wrong section
    2. Impossible to "appear on the left hand side of the players screen"
    3. Your budget is too little
    4. Ouch less buggy
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  4. You are using Factions or FactionsUUID?