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  1. Hey guys ^^

    My name is Aaron, I am 16yo and code since 3 years :D

    I really wanna code something for someone who needs something ^^

    Just a quick reminder:
    I won't do something like Minigames or anything that takes too long..
    That way I can do more plugins quicker..

    But don't let this scare u away :3
    I will look at every request and tell you whether I help out with it (or not).

    I look forward to help you!
    Thank you all in advance,
    Aaron (TheSaltyOne).

    PS: I didn't know where to post this.. So if its the wrong forum tell me please or move it ^^
  2. If you are offering to make free plugins for people, here's still something I am looking for. please include the source code, you're free to release this to everybody on this site / github etc. But we want the code so we can compile it ourselves in the future if we need to fix it for 1.15 for example.

    We are interested in a Spigot 1.14.0 + Latest WorldGuard 7 .x enginehub build supporting plugin:

    The player enters the command /regionoptions and gets a chest interface, from where they get the title: name of region
    And buttons in red/green that represent it is either on or off, with the hover over of the button being specifically:

    Phantom spawning

    with the lore text:
    Currently set to: Allowed
    (click to turn off)

    And when it's red it should be:

    Phantom spawning

    with the lore text
    Currently set to: Declined
    (click to turn on)

    It should obviously only work if the person who runs the command is the actual owner of the region they're standing in. If they're not, it should say: Cannot run this, this isn't your region.

    A configuration file where the different worldguard flags are in, such as phantom spawning, or leaf decay, and a couple more, could be enabled, disabled to show in this in-game gui, and a way in this config file to also customize the in-game msgs so we can match it to our theme.

    If you're not interested no hard feelings, just let me know.
  3. This sounds very interesting! I will look into that! Thanks ♥

    Just so I got this right: Basically a ingame GUI plugin to manage your WorldGuard regions?
  4. So players can type the command, get an interface from where they can toggle on/off only very specific worldguard region things, and only in the regions they are set as owner to.
  5. I have a plugin request...
    I'm looking for a plugin where you can give players points using a certain command, and every week, based on the amount of points they have, they receive a skill rank. This placeholder would also be in nametags so the skill rank would be visible in the tablist. That way, you would know who is good or not. I know this is very vague, if u are interested i will give more details.
  6. You've had any success with this plugin?
  7. Yeah kinda.. I got much to work on right now.. But I've finished the simple "ALLOW / DENY" Flags..

    Next up:
    - Multiple Pages
    - Way to enter integers etc.
  8. What about my request?
  9. That's so awesome. It sounds very promising.
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  10. Haven't picked it up yet sorry ^^
  11. Ummm, if you really want to code something for someone, you could probably find some server that needs help with plugins. That is what I often do XD
  12. Make me a blackhole plugin that hooks into the 4th dimensional minecraft space.
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  13. Will do soon! But i am a incredibly lazy person.. So I have massive pauses inbetween my "coding session" ^^
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  14. Hello, I would like to know if you can develop a plugin to do this so counter the targetbeam particles of the endercrystal animations firework lasers is another


    Thank you for your future answers
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  15. I would really need a plugin now, so do you mind messaging me on Spigot so we could talk about this privately?
  16. BGHDDevelopment


    I know this is possible with command blocks not sure if it is within spigot though. I never tried it.
  17. Yes, it is done with block commands but a plugin has been made to draw with particles to make effects and that's what I would need