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Discussion in 'Community Feedback and Suggestions' started by Citymonstret, Jul 7, 2015.

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  1. Could we possibly get a plugin request section, with the same restrictions as the S&R-section? Like the one bukkit, but on here instead :) Sometimes I'm bored, and creating plugins in a great way to cure that, but I am not always in the mood to accept commissions.
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  2. JamesJ


    Just go on the S&R Hiring Developers area and offer to do it for free..?
  3. I believe the idea is slightly different. Devs, if they are lost for an idea could visit the section to see some requested plugins.
  4. I would support this selection, so a dev can see what people want to have and create it if they're motivated for x kind of job
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  5. Exactly :) I know plenty of other developers that would be happy to do things for free, and it'd be a great section for up and coming developers to get portfolio material from.
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  6. I agree with this idea! Let the gods above hear it and accept it
  7. I'd like a kind of idea forum more: users can post their plugin ideas and developer may *publish* them for free. Meaning they don't create a private plugin for a single server, but publish a plugin to the world. This also means existing plugins/ideas already postet don't get realized. This would benefit server owners who don't want to invest much money, the developer and after all the whole community as they can use a new plugin.

    Otherwise this will become the free S&R section, and who wants to pay if there's a free alternative? This will end in thousands "make my minigame especially for my server for free now" threads and server owner constantly bumping there threads until they got locked. The current rule "You have to pay if you want a privat plugin" is good IMO.
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    This has been discussed in the past, but it is currently not something we are looking to do. For anyone looking to get a plugin made, they should make use of the "Services & Recruitment" forum.

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