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  1. Hi all,

    I'm looking for some help with porting a plugin resource-pack to 1.13. I know that mojang changed the way that packs are setup with a few minor changes as can be seen here -
    I'm using custom models in a pack with a plugin. The plugin works fine on 1.13 however the resource-pack does not show the custom items. The resource-pack uses sub-folders such as models/item/create/hats for example. I have changed the block/item destination in the .JSON's however they are still not appearing. (They are showing as their default texture, not the purple and black mismatch texture). I had changed the name of the folders to block and item and updated the prefix's in the .JSON. Am I missing a step? Any help is much appreciated [​IMG]
    *Apologies if this is the wrong section didn't know where else to ask :p

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