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  1. Hi, I have a Minecraft serveur in 1.13, I create multiple worlds and I set up the server so that at each connection the player comes back to the spawn

    but the problem know that when he returns to the world or he disconnect he does not come back to their position but got spawn from the world ...
    So, I'm looking for a plugin that will backup their position so that it comes back to the exact place where it's disconnected.

    the same system as this plugin:

    but for the 1.13

    Thanks :)
  2. Isn't it the default behavior if you quit the game and reconnect that you're in the spot where you left off?

    What world plugin do you use to have multiple worlds?
  3. Yes, this is the normal behavior, but I have a plugin that tp the players at the Hub at each connection, but I want that when the player falls back into the survival world he will come back where he has disconnected.

    and I use Multivers-core
  4. But .. wait..

    You say you have a plugin that teleports them on each connection.

    Isn't THAT the reason they don't end up in the right spot.

    Or do you mean: I want that to happen in *all* the worlds, EXCEPT the Survival/ world is their last log-out?

    It sounds like that's then a feature for that plugin that handles the 'move everybody to hub on logout', maybe it has a disable-world: setting or something.
  5. I'll explain everything more simply:

    I have a minecraft server in 1.13 with 3 worlds:


    I have a plugin that tp players to the Hub at each connection (because later there will be minigames)

    My problem is that if a person is disconnected in the survival world when she goes back to the survival world (via a portal of creative gates) she will end up in the spawn of the survival world and not in her last position.
  6. Ok, sorry, that makes more sense to me. Apologies for not getting that it's got nothing to do with a reconnect really, but more that if they go through a portal they end up at spawn, rather than their previous point in that world.

    I am not familiar with creative gates from massive core. Does it have configuration options regarding spawn points and player spawning?
  7. no, I left the default configuration, and it's just me who did not express my problem
  8. Multiverse inventories has an option to save the position of the player.. I use it and it works fine :D
    I dont know if there is a version for 1.13 tho..
  9. No, the plugin does not work in 1.13 :(
  10. "I have a plugin that tp players to the Hub at each connection (because later there will be minigames)"
    I haven't done much work with a network, but if im not mistaken bungee has an option of where to force the player to go when they log on.
    So couldn't you just delete this plugin that is TP'ing your player to the HUB .... and then in the bungee settings, set it so the player always connects to the hub on login?
  11. non, car avec le bungee il faut plusieurs serveurs et je n'ai que 1
  12. OHHH sorry... you have 3 worlds... gotcha! I thought i read "3 servers" MY apologies.