**PLUGIN SEARCH** Anyone know of a plugin for this?

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  1. Hey everyone! I'm currently searching for a plugin that tracks unique player logins. I have tried VisitCounter, but there's no option to toggle the messages in chat so I ditched that one.

    Optionally, it would include MySQL database storage. But once again, that's option. I basically just want a plugin that will track player unique logins (and gather unique logins prior to the installation of the plugin.) If it has messages, they need to be toggle able.

    Anyone have any ideas? I've searched around, but can't find one :(
  2. For the plugin you ditched... Just request to add a feature that can remove the message.


    Look through the code and just search the message, and remove it!

    Good luck! :)
  3. I have tried removing the messages from the config, but it auto-adds them back. The only thing that works the best is if I just put a period for the message, but then annoying periods show up in chat. If I type anything other than a period that doesn't include %hits then it goes back to the default message.

    Toggleable messages was suggested several months ago by someone in the comments on the plugin, but it hasn't been updated. Note that the plugin was created in 2012.
  4. Instead of a Period put a color code

    Like &0

    Should work...
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  5. Never thought if this, I'll try that. Thanks :)
  6. I'm here to help! The best of luck to you and your server.. If you encounter any problems feel free to contact me via PM!

    Or in this thread!
  7. so, just a plugin that stores a players login amounts to mysql?
    i'd take that as a 50 lines or less challenge.

    if you still need it done, i'll write it for you.
  8. Thanks! The color code thing worked and now it's running perfectly!

    Thanks for the offer :) I got a plugin to work for me already, so I'm no longer in need of a custom one. Don't let that let you down though, that'd be interesting for a 50 lines or less code :p
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