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  1. Hello,
    I don't know where to post this, so there it is

    Can anybody create a new plugin thread where he/she can upload and update to the latest Skript,
    because some server hosts doesn't add plugins to their plugins list outside of spigotmc.org or bukkit.org.

    Latest Skript: https://github.com/SkriptLang/Skript/releases

    (Sorry for my bad english)
  2. If you have access to upload files to the server host's file system, you can just upload the .jar file. As far as I know, Aternos (and maybe other free server hosts) is the only server host that prevents this. May I ask what server host you are using?
  3. Its Aternos. They don't add plugins from other sites than spigot and bukkit
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  4. and songoda*

    But either way, I don't think anyone except the author of the plugin has the right to upload it on spigot
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  5. it's licensed under gpl 3, anyone can upload it anywhere without asking for permission
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  6. Yes but that doesn't mean you should.
    Aternos allows you to upload your own jars and any host that doesn't is asinine and you should leave immediately. Just download and upload the jar yourself, not that hard.
  7. Correction: aternos does NOT allow you to upload your own jars.
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  8. Aternos does not allow uploading custom JARs, I asked on their discord a while back. However, I do agree that OP should switch to a paid server host. They are as little as $3 a month.
  9. Guys, i don't need host i just asked if anybody can create a new plugin thread where he/she can upload and update to the latest Skript
  10. I suppose anywhere, where you can make posts regarding your custom addons or extras for MC is a viable place.

    Just check forum rules, and generally, you'll be good to go. The 2 places you've listed tho, are most likely, the best place for uploading your scripts.
  11. The current fork of Skript is owned by Bensku.
    A few people have attempted to upload Skript to SpigotMC, and one of our team members reported it and it was quickly removed.
    The main reason for this is the people who post these threads do not know a dang thing about Java, which means they did not contribute to the project in any way shape or form. SpigotMC rules clearly state you are not allowed to upload plugins which you hold no rights, and if its open source, you need to have contributed/changed the plugin significantly.

    Skript's current GitHub repo has well over 200 thousand downloads, our team is not overly concerned with one server host (Aternos) which has silly rules on where they get their plugins from.
    Anyone is free to download the plugin from Skript's repo and free to use it as they wish. Thousands of people do so on a daily basis.
    If your server host (Aternos) refuses to allow you to upload custom plugins and/or refuses to allow any plugins on their service which are not on SpigotMC/Bukkit.org then that is between you and them, not SpigotMC nor the team behind Skript.