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  1. As far as I can tell, this plugin wouldn't be all that difficult to make. Although I am not much of a developer, so I could be quite wrong. I can't see how a plugin like this does not exist already, maybe I am missing something?

    As the title suggests, it would be a plugin that simply checked who was at the top of a specific mcMMO skill, and performs a configured command or action with a player variable. It would also be important that it checks whenever someone is no longer top, to allow for features like this:

    Whoever is top of the skill will have a special rank or tag available, however as soon as they loose their position they loose it.

    It would also be cool(but not necessary) if it also included the reward features of this outdated plugin: McMMO Rewards

    I hardly doubt I would be the only one who would absolutely love to have a plugin like this. Being top of a skill is already a large competitive element for many, and having cool perks associated with being top would just make it even more exciting.
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  2. Afriendly bump, this is an interesting add-on that I hope becomes a default feature in mcMMO, I am also interested in this. If someone's able to make this as an open source product let us know.
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