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Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by latiku, Jul 5, 2015.

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    Hello, I'm looking to release more plugins on SpigotMC for free, but I'm having a hard time coming up with ideas. You can suggest a idea for me to do here - and you might see it in my next spigot plugin!
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  2. What type of plugins do you generally make?
  3. I could use a plugin that would allow a select item or group of items to change positions to preset places, or a plugin that would allow a select item/items to exist, then be deleted and allow the exact same items to be created somewhere else.
  4. mom


    Code a maintained RPG plugin, that includes a custom resource pack!

    He makes any type :)
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  6. Ok, here's a suggestion:

    A plugin where you can make a redstone torch a remote control kinda thing for redstone lamps, you instert a command, then leftclick the redstone lantern and the redstone torch is now linked to the lamp. You could probably link several redstone lamps to the redstone torch, so that when night falls you turn the lights on.
  7. latiku


    Bump, still want suggestions :R
  8. An interesting idea for a plugin, would be one that keeps track of kills per life, then after every 5 kills sends a message to the player detailing their current kill streak. This would be a cool plugin and has lots of room for growth and extra features :)
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  9. what about this?:

    camouflaged blocks, say you want to hide your diamonds, you make a diamond block, and you type sumthing like /camouflage bookshelf and then click on your placed diamond block, they it'll take the texture of a bookshelf, but if you break it, it'll give you a diamond block. I don't know if it can be done, but you could probably do this with containers as well.

    magic weapon, you start with a stick, and then type /magicweapon or something like that, and then the stick turns into an enchanted wooden sword, and now, each time you right click with your sword, it'll change into every possible weapon in the game, from all swords, to the bow, all enchanted, and maybe you can change in the config if you want new weapons with random enchantments or the players to select the enchantments.
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  10. Camo block would be pretty cool for faction bases maybe you can trick your enemy into thinking you have a obisdian base but in reality you have sand walls!?
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  11. latiku


    Thanks, I'll consider it