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  1. I need a plugin for 1.8.8 Spigot that can add homes on top of ranks. For example, they are in rank one that gives them 2 homes but they buy an overlord rank with currency that gives them 4 extra homes so they should have 6 homes total. But if someone with rank two has 3 homes and then buys the overlord rank, they should have 8 homes.

    Are there any plugins that add homes to existing ranks?
    Any rank + 4 homes for example.
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    What plugin is it? Essentials? If so, just edit config.yml and set the appropriate home-ranks then apply the permission for that home rank to the group in question. So like you may have:
    Code (Text):
      default: 3
      vip: 5
      donor: 10
    Then in your group config, you'd give to vip and essentials.sethome.multiple.donor to donor. If a user has no explicit group, they can set 3. If you add them to VIP, then they have 5. If you add them to donor, whilst leaving them in VIP, they will have 10 as the larger value takes precedence.
  3. But if a player gets the VIP for example, I want them to have 5 homes on top of whatever rank they already have. For example, if they have a rank that gives 10 homes and they buy VIP, they won't even get any extra homes because their main rank already gives 10. When a player buys a rank, they should get the full perks of that rank including 5 additional homes. If a player has a rank with 10 homes and buys VIP, they should get 15. But they could have a rank with any number of homes.

    I have a rankup plugin that allows players to gain homes but that branch is different from VIP so there is no way to tell how many homes a player has when they get VIP so I can't set an exact amount of homes for the VIP rank. What number of homes should I set VIP if I want it to be 5 homes on top of their current rank? They could have a rank with 2, 3, or 4 homes so how do I make VIP give that player 7, 8, or 9 homes total?
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    Ohh I see what you mean; cumulative. Yea, no idea about that.