Plugin that allows a % of inventory to be kept on death? (1.13)

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  1. Hello,

    Is there a plugin that does this, and with different percentages configurable (ex. starter rank keeps 5%, trusted rank keeps 10%, etc.)?

    If you know any please let me know, thanks <3
  2. No, if you want a custom plugin for this ask for a dev in the Developer Forums.

    Or you can try this which is similar:
  3. This is a pretty good idea for a hardmode server :)
    Peaceful server: keep inventory
    Survival server: drop it, but you can travel back to pick it up before despawn.
    Hardmode: % kept, or % disappears on death. No option to get it back

    Keep us posted if someone made a plugin for this that works for you.
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  4. aww, I was looking for something that specifically allows percentages :(

    Will do!
  5. I may end up trying to code something like that in the future, if you're still looking for that i'll update u if i do.
  6. what do you mean with the "%"?
    The number of items that they will keep on death or the money or exp? That based on their rank? I don't really understand it well but if it's like how I pretend it than it would be a cool thing to add to your server so it would be unique.
  7. The title says inventory.. the exp and money isn't in an inventory, just items. % is a percentage of chance.
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  8. Like, for each item give it a random percentage to either keep the item or destroy it when they die.
  9. No I meant like the total amount of items in the inventory * a %, but that could work too!
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