Plugin that gives Potion Effects on right click of an item

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  1. I'm in the need of a plugin that's similar to some of the plugins on some of the major PvP servers. I'm looking for a plugin that when you right click an item, it will give you a potion effect for a certain amount of time.

    As an example: I'm chasing after someone in a PvP fight, and I need a quick speed boost. If I have sugar and I right click it while it's in my hand, I get Speed 3 for 6 seconds.
    I'd like a plugin with configurable item effects in game, with nodes that allow the use of a certain item potion effect. I don't want a plugin that will give a considerable amount of chat messages while using the item, and I want that item (even if it's crafted) to be given the automatic potion effect abililty​
    Please help, I'm really in the need of one​
  2. REcruit in the Services and Recruitment section for developers. Or search one.
  3. Um, I'm in the plugin help section, am I not?
    If you don't want to help me, don't post please
  4. no youre trying to recruit and hire. This isnt the right place. only code helping.
  5. this is plugin help, im not trying to recruit or anything
  6. Youre looking for a custom plugin. That needs a custom developer... i dont think theres a free plugin like this out there.
  7. I was approached to code this in-game by Strafay, and I coded it. Not too hard :p
  8. Yes, and he did a very good job! I wish I would be able to pay him, but my paypal isn't working properly. I'm trying to find out how.
    Thanks for the help Genocidal!
  9. You wont use the plugin until you pay, I have this documented.
  10. It's fine for now.
  11. Didn't you say that if it was an easy plugin, it would be free with the exception of the vouch and rank?
  12. I did, but Drakon told me you were asking about paying.
  13. Drakon's been ranting on about me scamming you and such. I just need to know exactly what you want.
  14. Not "ranting" just saying that genocidal was in need of money as he has told me, and i thought you agreed to pay him in some fashion, forgive me for interferring ill stop XD.
  15. I feel like a total dick now for calling you out. Sorry about that :/ and thanks for stopping though :p I'm trying to work this out.
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  16. Np. Hope you get this solved. I just paid my dev his first "Salary" for all the hard work hes put into my server network, $10 instead of the $5 i promised him xD that was left randomly in my paypal lol.