Solved Plugin that graphs player counts (self-hosted)

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  1. I'm looking for a plugin that lets me see some graphs of my player counts (preferably as far back as I want to store) hosted on my own server (apache/nginx/httpd).

    I've seen many services, even lots of free ones, but they are just too slow. So, I'd like to self-host everything.

    The closest I've been able to find is by @RiotShielder but it's download link is broken, and the project seems to have been removed completely from github.

  2. Have you tried statscraft? It might not be self-hosted, but for a free service and the information you're looking for as stated in the thread, it might be a plausible plugin.
  3. As stated, all the free (and paid) hosted services are just too slow. I dont want a middle man to host my stored stats data, along with many others. Its much much much faster to store my own (and only my own) data locally.

    I found Player Analytics and currently trying it out. The interface isn't the prettiest, but the data I want looks to be all there.
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  4. Gonna check this out. May take me some time, since I'm not familiar with any of that. Information overload ftw ^_^

    Edit: Actually, that wasn't so bad to setup. Now I just have to customize it and put it on live server ^_^


    Thanks a ton ^_^
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