Plugin to check which domain has been used to connect

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  1. Hi,

    As the title says. I am searching for a plugin that shows my staff which domain a player used to connect to the server. And when a player joins that it broadcasts it to the staff.

    and if one exists is there a way to whitelist certain players to a domain?

    Kind Regards
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  2. That is not what I meant but still thanks,

    What I meant was I have 2 domains one of those domains is a bypass domain in case the server goes down for maintenance on my primary IP, but I am afraid that people get known of this IP so I want do put a whitelist or a check on it so I and my staff knows when a player joins thru my secondary (also private) domain.
  3. Well i want to know what my players using too :/ Example a ip list with a % or somethings
    Since i have very many domains and i don't know what domains people use
  4. I could write you such a plugin if you want to
  5. Depends on how much it costs
  6. I will do it for free.
  7. Nice, and also thanks if you want to do it for me
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  8. Will it be posted out? I really want to know whats domains my players use well a total number example 26000 using
  9. ?