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Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by The_Minecrafter3, Jun 22, 2015.

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  1. Hello I am looking for a plugin to fix 1.8 tnt. As you may or may not know water now pushes TNT in the cannon, for a factions server. I want to revert this back to the way it worked in 1.7 . Im seeing other servers doing it, I was hoping someone can help me find this plugin if available.
  2. I know of 2 servers who have figured out a fix for this but I believe they both custom coded the fix. Gontroller and JustPVP. Goodluck
  3. True, they are tight, only if someone could make it public and be awesome and kind :cool:;)
  4. its not a plugin its an edit to the spigot jar to revert the code

  5. Ahh hopefully I can find someone to help me out...
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  6. msg me ill help u
  7. Making TNT not move in water doesn't fix cannoning in 1.8, there are many more changes that need to happen before cannoning is reverted. For example, the order of redstone physics and entity height math both changed.

    PaperSpigot 1.8 has an option to fix all these issues and revert cannoning back to 1.7 behavior. Just gotta build the jar, run it, change an option in paper.yml (fix-cannons => true) and then start the server and cannoning will be fixed.

    Lol, they think they are the only 2, but they are not. They kept their changes private without sharing them with anyone, so we released it for everyone through PaperSpigot. Everyone has access to the same fixes if they use PaperSpigot.
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  8. Yeap I agree with Byteflux
  9. Actually much of the 1.8 cannon fixes that we use on Gontroller were inspired and help by PaperSpigot so certainly something I would recommend using. They did the job fantastically well. :p
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  10. Update it works now
  11. Ok I compiled it and I'm testing stuff using it, is there any paper.yml Explanation page?
  12. Theres no Icarus fix :/ Well at least the cannons. I'm gona keep looking. Thanks anyways ^^
  13. Not that I know of, but the paper.yml file is pretty straight forward..
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  14. Thanks anyways ^^
  15. PaperSpigot,is good,but No server hosts allow you to use it,as an option.
    Could someone tell me any server hosts that allow Paperspigot?
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  16. Select 'Custom Jar' and use the paperspigot jar...
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  17. Will changing to a custom jar delete all my plugins/progress done on my server? To be more specific, will it delete say, my spawn, any of my config files done or other plugins?
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  18. No.
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