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  1. Hey,

    There is a Survival world in my server, but some players are destroying the bases (the buildins, the houses, etc).

    Is there a good plugin to prevent that ?
  2. As in official server buildings like spawn? Worldguard.
    Player buildings? Probably GriefPrevention or Land
  3. Player buildings yep. Land or GriefPrevention ?
  4. GriefPrevention is free Land is premium.
    I've only used GriefPrevention but eh, in my opinion it's not really for me so I'm going to be switching to Land soon.
    If you're low budget and don't want to risk money then try out GriefPrevention and if you don't like it switch.
    You could also do your own research on them :)
  5. I think that GriefPrevention is too hard for my players...
  6. It's able to be used in-game by right clicking with a golden shovel to create the area.
    Honestly it's what you think is right for you, these are only 2 suggestions.
  7. I take GriefPrevention. Just a little question: how must my players protect their buildings ? :D
  8. So a player can claim their buildings by getting a golden shovel and right clicking two corners of an area (If they have the blocks)
    You'll need to configure it a bit first.
  9. I would reccomend trying World Guard and Core Protect.
    Core Protect allows you to rollback anything that someone griefed.

    World Guard - Alows you to protect your lobbys ect.

    If thats not what you needed or its not working for you, please reply and Ill be happy to help you.

    Best regards,
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  10. Strahan


    CoreProtect is certainly something that's good to have, but it wouldn't help OP with letting his players manage their land.
  11. Grief Prevention is a great free option:

    Players get to claim land with a shovel by selecting an area (Kind of like World Edit wand)
    You can set it so players get a certain amount of claim blocks upon join and can have them accumulate more for playing on the server. It is very straight forward. Check it out here: