Plugin to toggle/give glowing effect

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  1. We currently use this plugin: to allow players to toggle the night vision effect, I'm looking for something equally as similar for giving players the glowing effect that doesn't mess with scoreboard teams like some of the ones I've already seen (we already have the teams and colors set up, I just want to give some the glowing ability toggle to show it off) and not actually give the color and add them to a team. If nothing like this exists, how much should I offer a dev in services & recruitment to make something simple like this? Thanks.

    These are 2 examples of what I considered too bloated/overkill for my needs:♦-simpleglow-1-14-2-♦.27680/
  2. Is this simple enough?
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  3. I was a bit worried you wanted something more simpler haha, glad to help though :p