Plugin upload problem!

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by ilias2002, May 27, 2016.

  1. hello.
    i uplaod my plugin (Premium) and everyone cant see it!!
    When upload plugin i see this
    and tell me Moderated what happen ? (i upload premium plugin first time)
  2. it must be accepted by moderator to show in public.
  3. :/ it will take hours ? and when upload again premium plugin it will must accept ?
  4. ??? i upload my plugin 40 minutes before .... and i am waiting moderator to accept it ... -_-
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  5. Be patient, they're not here to reload the page every 5 minutes for you
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  6. It can't take days never mind hours. The moderators work out of their own time and have other things and other plugins to approve too. Just wait and it'll be approved once a moderator can check it.
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  7. ... 2 hours...
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  8. I waited 2 weeks for mine; be patient.
  9. takes almost 2 days.
  10. Ok but I have a questions
    1) if I update plugin it will take again days/hours ?
    2) I I upload again plugin it will take again days/hours ? (premium)
  11. Updates are instant, if you upload it as a separate one yes you'll have to wait for approval.
  12. Usually they take 3-5 days.
    They have lives you know...
    Unlike you posting on this thread. :D
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  13. Omg :( ;(
    I upload ThrowTNT+ the first 5 buyers have 50% OFF 0.50$ for the first buyers
  14. Wait... you made a premium plugin for throwing TNT? o_O
  15. XD yeah 0_o but I will update it and will be better with config and the buyers will can add more items to throw
    (sorry for my bad english.. I am Greek)
  16. If that's all it does it's unlikely to be approved. And if it is approved I'll be disappointed if I'm honest.
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  17. :/ but is very cheap 0.50$ :p
  18. But it's something that should be free considering it's really simple.
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  19. It doesn't matter how much it costs, it's not going to be reviewed any faster than a plugin at sale for $5 etc.