Plugin work on test server, but doesn't on real one

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  1. Hello, I'm quiet new in plugin development. My problem is very strange for me. I wrote plugin that only has one command that write something in file (It's something like recruiter-supporting plugin, very simple).
    So on production and test server I use the same Spigot (1.8.7 last snapshot). When I try to load my plugin on test server it's work good. When I load it on production one, server after restart doesn't even see this (or I think so, cause in /pl and console output my plugin doesn't show), but again on test server all work and load good. Any suggestions?
  2. Your production server most likely has an outdated Java version. Java is backwards compatible:
    e.g. compiled with Java 6 will work on 6, 7 & 8.
    e.g compiled with Java 8 will only work on 8.
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    What java version did you compile it with, and what java version is running on the server? (Also showing us the error would be helpful. If there is any error in the console on startup.)
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  4. Sounds like a truth. I use jdk 8 version in dev and testing, but my server hosting provider can use old one. I'll try to recompile it with 6 and 7 jdk. Thanks.
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    Glad we could help!