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  1. hi guys, me again.

    I am having problems installing plugins like Essentials and a few other bukkit plugins, I read to put the JAR in to the Bungee plugin folder, I have done that and restarted, but nothing. The Jar files are not creating the accompanying folders for the plugins.

    I have also tried to place them in to the Plugin folder on the other servers (non bungee) but again nothing.

    Please help
  2. wow..

    Why are you trying to install a plugin like essentials in the bungee plugin folder? You have to install the plugin in the spigot/craftbukkit plugin folder.

    Its very simple.
    1. download the plugin
    2. navigate to the plugins folder of spigot or craftbukkit
    3. copy the .jar file into the plugins folder
    4. if your server was down start it up, if it was up reload it.

    If for some reason it still didn't work check the startup log for any errors or if somewhere in the startup logs it says Error to load plugin pluginname.jar
  3. You have to install the plugin in the spigot/craftbukkit plugin folder.

    Yes matethats what I thought, thanks for the reply, that is what I have been doing but for some really strange reason it is not creating the accompanying folder for the plugin, its got me stumped. Basically its not installing the plugin
  4. Ok it is official, I am a total dickwad!!! The reason why it wasnt working was because I DIDNT (swearing really loud) INSTALL ............... F&%[email protected]*^& Craftbukkit

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