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  1. Hello I have a server with an island in the sky that is spawn. I need a plugin that will make it so when they fal off they will teleport back to spawn, now I know they could just die and spawn back but this is more professsional and I would also like it to have boundries kind of like a world border but instead they just teleport back to spawn. Is there a plugin or plugins that can do this?
  2. can do multiple borders?
  3. read the description and don't ask me
  4. also its not in the void its just on a normal world
  5. every map has a void. it is the area where you get when you fall off the edge
  6. I know that but the bottom of the island is just land not void
  7. then you'll probably need to ask somebody to code a plugin for you. there are many people here on the forums that will do it for free if it isn't too much work
  8. oh ok thanks
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  9. I could try to help, I'd just need some data. Which version of Spigot is the server working on? Does it use EssentialsX (so I can use its' API)? Should I make a custom command that sets the Y (height) border/margin or via the config.