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  1. Hello.
    Does anyone know a way to make more than one version of the plugin?
    - Example:
    There is a stats plugin that has the Per world feature.
    Can I make a copy of it and replicate the same features with another world?
  2. I'm not too sure what you're asking. If the plugin has per world stats then... yes, it has same features but different databases?
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  3. i mean Is there a way to convert the same plugin to multiple versions (same plugin but with different names for example). Duplicates
  4. Why would you want this-
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  5. Do you mean just putting the plugin in a new plugin folder for a different world? (A new server) Then yes you can do that? Also why do you want to rename it?
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  6. Guys sorry for the bad english
    I have a perworldplugin so I mean is there a way to do more than one version of the same plugin so that I can do the plugin with more than one world and with different information in each world?
    Hope you understand what I mean this time
  7. I want to have more than one duplicate of the same plugin
  8. It's not needed to have 5 .jar files to support 5 different worlds. A lot of plugins are 1 jar that support different worlds.

    LuckPerms for example as permission manager lets you use context for world=x

    You could globally allow something and then negate it for a world (or more worlds).
    You can also do the opposite, negate something globally and make exceptions by granting it for one or more worlds.

    It depends per plugin what the options are. And updating an existing plugin to have per world support isn't the craziest thing ever. Enough devs can be hired to make it happen.
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