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  1. I am a java noob. Can someone teach me how to create plugins using eclipse? I don't understand all the source code and those word seems alien to me. Can someone teach me?
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  2. Try YouTube, the Bukkit forums or here! Thats how I learned.
  3. Where(whice file) can I edit essentials spawner source code because using essentials signs to buy spawners in 1.8 dont work. And how can I edit?
  4. download the esssentials source code from github and then just put the code into eclipse -> have fun forking.
  5. Where is the file I want? There is a lot of files in essentials. I want the file that can fix the problem in essentials signs for spawner. Because using essentials signs to buy spawners dont work in 1.8.
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    Just make an educated guess based on the file name. We don't know any more than you.
  7. like i said download the source code from github ( -> make a new project -> insert the code -> edit -> compile and replace the current essentials.jar with your own version of it.
    then simply look in them all for it, there is a search option if you use eclipse
  8. Wheres the file? I cant find it.
  9. I leaned the basics of bukkit plugin coding here:
  10. if you are using eclipse press the "Search" button and search for what you want, however as far as i know Essentials doesnt threat spawners diffrently from any other item it justs sell by id and since that is.

    Oh and also since you seem new to java, bukkit api and this stuff i suggest you learn java first then bukkit and dont go and try to do complex things first, just a little advice,
    and too learn java i suggest you buy a book about java.
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  11. Thank you!
  12. There are lots of Tuturials on YouTube! it helps me Too!