Spigot PluginGUI v1.0

Reload, enable, disable, lock plugins with a GUI

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    PluginGUI - Reload, enable, disable, lock plugins with a GUI

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  2. I have a few questions:
    1. can you add Unloading and Loading of a Plugin? so maybe if you add a plugin your plugin detects it, adds it into the GUI and you are able to load the plugin in the GUI without restarting the Server
    2. Does this plugin reload Plugins properly?
    3. Do you think its possible you can add a feature where it can detect dependencies in a plugin, and when you reload the main plugin it also reloads the dependencies
  3. @xH3LLRAIZ3Rx

    1) There is already feature where u can load/unload plugin

    2) Yes, if u check the console, it shows te reload messages. Even test for yourself

    3) Sure possible
  4. Hey, I'm sorry but how exactly do I use this plugin? What are the commands?
  5. @MartinOdum

    I hav included the perms and commands. Sorry I forgot to write them :D
  6. z__


    would be better if it was done through chat using JSON so you could just click on the plugin NAME to enable/disable instead of having to hover over every plugin in your GUI until you spot the one you want... plus it would fit on 1 page for those of us with over 54 plugins
  7. This plugin has a lot of expectations, I've so much feature requests!
    1) Adding a config file to let you customize opened interface name, default icon for plugins that haven't a pre-set specific id, amount, meta and tag of the plugin icon (see below what I'm meaning).
    2) Easiest thing: instead of letting the GUI extend to that one that is glitched in Minecraft that goes on more than 6 rows, create multiple pages to let it contain whichever amount of plugins.
    3) A loaded plugin list to let them get customized individually. (the below section about it has plugin customization just as example)
    4) Load/unload option for plugins
    5) Coming Soon ideas. For now I stop here because I have something to do but this comment will be edited to add new interesting ideas!
    Configuration YAML file idea:
    Code (Text):

    gui-name: '&0&l[&6&l%player%&0&l] &9Plugins
    interacted-plugin-gui-name: '&0&l[&6&l%player%&0&l] &9%plugin% manipulation'
    default-icon: 'PAPER|1|0|Glowing' (or any item syntax format)
    default-plugin-icon-names: '&4&l&k+&r %plugin% &4&l&k+&r'
      - '&7%plugin_description%'
    maximum-pages: 500
    PluginList YAML file idea:
    Code (Text):

    - PluginGUI|GOLD_BLOCK|1|0|&4%plugin_name%&r|Glowing|&7This is a lore line;&9This is another lore line
    - Essentials|STONE|4|3|&6%plugin_name%&9&l&k|NotGlowing|&9%plugin_description%&r (4 diorites)
    - PlugMan|IRON_PICKAXE|1|50|&5%plugin_name%&k&r (a damaged iron pickaxe)