Spigot PluginHider+ | PluginHiderPlus [HIDE YOUR PLUGINS!] + [ANTI TAB COMPLETE] + [ALL MESSAGE REPLACE] 5.2

PluginHider+ is a perfect plugin that provides to hide all your plugins!

  1. Please update for 1.16! :)
  2. Yes a 1.16 update and ability to add a space between allowed words to autocomplete them. great job thus far.. thank you!
  3. ... waiting for 1.16 since two month now, i will use other plugin hider, you were the best but it really slow to get an update.
  4. Very nice plugin, but after waiting 2 months for an update i NEED to change to another plugin to protect my commands. Thanks for all
  5. Since the plugin is not yet updated what happens if I use the 1.15 old version with 1.16?
  6. Plugin is working for me on 1.16.1, have not tested .2 yet.
  7. Its not blocking tab at all
  8. No more tab blocking
  9. You cannot block plugins in [tab] example you do /[tab] it shows all commands and it doesn't hide your plugins at all
    Its visible for anyone on the server

    How can this be fixed/solved?
  10. I'm sorry I do not fully understand your question, can you explain it in a more detailed way? Maybe with some examples.
  11. I think they are talking about the sugestions. Like if you do /a, it'll show all the suggestions of commands that start with a
  12. Yes, you got it right
  13. Unfortunately not working with the newest version of ProtocolLib
  14. Yes for me is not working, im tired of try plugins damn
  15. Code your own then bud. Quit crying.
  16. There are more comments like mine, and you answer just to me? ok
  17. Any working plugins like this anyone recommends?