Spigot PluginHider 1.1

Hide your plugins from prying eyes.

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    PluginHider - Hide your plugins from prying eyes.

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  2. For me this plugin doesn't hide the plugin list even if I am not an OP
  3. O and yes I have protocolLib
  4. it might be becouse of bungeecord
  5. Does this plugin get rid of the feature where you can cycle through player names in chat using TAB? Or does it just hide the plugins / commands
  6. The TAB should work as normal I think :). Well not in my case becouse I disable that in spigot config
  7. Hmm. After downloading this seems to block player names as well as commands. Is there a way to allow names but not commands?
  8. Lee


    Could you add a way to whitelist commands that you want to support tab complete? Like if I add /town any command that used /town would have tab complete if available.