Plugins essential for prison

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  1. Making a prison server op prison to be exact any plugins you can recommend to me
  2. Essentials, MineResetLite, WorldEdit, WorldGuard
  3. Prisonmines, autosell, plotme or plotz or plotsquared
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  4. Any crate plugins you guys can hook me up with
  5. The topicstarter askef wich plugins are recomended for prison and you want to make money here?!? in the wrong section.....
  6. Wat...
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  7. Eh, what?
  8. Well right now i need a crates plugin and some brief info on prison ranks
  9. Why are you making a prison server when you know nothing about it? You're just wasting your time and money. There's thousands of prison servers already, with owners who actually know how it works and enjoy the gameplay.
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  11. I know this thread is kind of old, but a few crates plugins are:

    - CrateReloaded (Free)
    - UltimateCrates (Paid)
    - CustomCrates (Paid)
    - CrateKey (Paid)