Plugins not updated?

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    Recently I'm dealing with a launch of my server network, and working on 2 new gamemodes for it.
    As such I do not have time to finish up a current rewrite of the feast system in HG, as well as update other plugins.

    If you do need a plugin updated to 1.6.4, and its not HG or the mcpvp plugin. Please reply here and I'll do my best to update it.

    So as far as I'm aware, there's a build of spigot that should work for you.

    This build should work for 1.6.2 plugins, and 1.6.4 clients.

    I'm not sure if this is the correct build however!
  2. Pls add 1.6.4 :)
  3. libraryaddict


    1.6.4 to
  4. Please update it, I'm going to use it hardcore soon.
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    I thought you have already run your course?
    How many times has AeroNetwork been up and down now? I certainly have lost count.
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    Update what..
  7. Just as many times as I did to ......................