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  1. Hey, I am currently starting up my own little server in Minecraft 1.13 and I'd LOVE some help with my plugins and permissions! I used to be so good with plugins, years and years ago, and the memory kind of fades after a while. So if anybody would like to help, that would be very much appreciated! Either comment below this post with your discord tag or anyway I can contact you, or add me on discord yourself. sarah#7895 Thank you and have a great day!
  2. Well, what kind of server do you want? Are you going to go public or is the server going to be whitelisted? Do you have any ideas for your server or specific tasks that you want it to do? My discord is A Friendly Blob#3391.
  3. Well, its basically towny/smp. It will eventually be public but there will be a private world for a stream team to stream the smp! I added you on discord, I'll let you know more there <3
  4. Each time you install a plugin, you read the documentation first and check out the overview tab at the very least.
    Run it, test it, play with it, learn the features you want - set up the permissions one by one and test them.

    This way when players join and have questions: you can answer those questions too.

    Best of luck setting up a new server, and have fun playing minecraft!
  5. Hey thanks so much! I appreciate this and I'll be sure to check the overview :)