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  1. Hello, earlier I tried to do /help for help on commands but then it came up with an error "An internal error accured"
    It does that with all the commands. If you know a way to fix it please reply back to this thread. Thanks :D
  2. Plugin list and recently installed plugin please? Also your server version and error log in console when you type that command?
    Then we will help you right away after you give us those things
  3. have you tried using ? or help at console?
    antitnt Toggleable Anti-TNT
    ChatColor ChatColor
    Citizens NPCs for Bukkit
    CoreProtect CoreProtect
    CratesPlus A free and great crates plugin for Minecraft
    EchoPet EchoPet - Pets Forever Echoing In Your Footsteps
    Emotes A simple plugin that adds commands such as /kiss. The intention ...
    Essentials A collection of useful commands and features for server admins a...
    EssentialsX EssentialsX
    GUI Shop The all in one Shop plugin, With a sexy GUI, Sleek code, and lig...
    Holographic Displays A plugin to create holograms in Minecraft.
    Infoboard Reborn - Ported 1.10 1.10 Ported version of InfoboardReborn
    Renamer Change the name and lore of inventory items.
    Lockette Lockette v1.4 - Simple chest and door lock, no databases!
    Multiverse-Core The Bukkit World Management Plugin.
    NoLagg NoLagg
    PermissionsEx PermissionsEx
    SignColors SignColors
    SimpleHolograms Just a simple hologram plugin!
    Vault Vault is a Economy/Permission plugin for hooking into the variou...
    WorldEdit WorldEdit is an in-game map editor for both creative and surviva...
    WorldGuard WorldGuard
    and then the one I recently installed is PerWorldPlugins.

    Server Version:
    Spigot 1.11.2

    Error Log in Console:
    Couldn't get log: It appears your node is currently experiencing difficulties; our technicians are on the job working to repair it! You can view any planned maintenance here: We appreciate your patience as we work to resolve it.
  5. We need to find the error. the error should look like a junk up bunch of java things eg. (org.bukkit.error blah blah etc idc if this is incorrect)
  6. post the error log in console :)
  7. What do y
    Theres like 500 of those.
  8. put it in a pastebin @Zucks
  9. There is maybe an error with essentials (why do you have 2 essentials, essentials and essentialsx)

    Edit: And you did not paste your log file right
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  10. Mainly because I needed essentials spawn and EssentialsX since I'm running a 1.11.2 server.
  11. Yes but as i see you are using 2 different Essentials
    Just put EssentialsX , EssentialsXSpawn and EssentialsXChat thats all
  12. wait a minute, doesnt worldguard enable the non explosion of tnt? you may notneed antitnt
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  13. ./rg flag __global__ tnt deny/allow
  14. Try removing all of your plugins one by one and see if the problem disappears.
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  15. How about the certain version of your essentials?