Plugins That Make Minecraft Challenging?

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by Scotty, May 19, 2015.

  1. I am looking to expand my server with a super hardcore factions gametype. I know there are lots of servers our there that have hardcore factions (health doesnt regenerate, ban if you die, ect.) but I am looking to make a server that is as PVE as it is PVP. So if you have any suggestions on plugins or ideas about the server please let me know! :)
  2. make it so skeletons spawn every time you hit another animal
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  3. I'd get so pissed if I had no armor or weapons and needed food. Bad idea IMO.
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  4. nxtboyIII nice idea but what will happen is that in the difficulty in the start is very hard and if everyone progresses they get diamond armor and a skeleton won't matter that much.
  5. I made a HarderZombies plugin but took it down because I'm making improvements.

    Every time a zombie hits you, it teleports around you, hitting you from different angles. It also spawns a new zombie on every hit. And zombie hits have 10% chance of inflicting random status effects on the player for 10 seconds.

    There's a lot of Hardcore/PVP related plugins out there. Just search on Curse. For me, it's the best website for searching different categories, most popular, etc.
  6. Hardcore plugins.
    I plan on coding a UHC plugin in the near future, keep in look for that.
  7. Free or paid?
  8. Most likely both. Although the paid version will have more features.