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  1. What plugin you prefer for skyblock?
    askyblock or uskyblock??? Use mysql?
  2. My advice, if you're planning on starting another hub/minigames server, dont just go straight for the over used and done to hell game modes like skyblock, skywars, etc, either look for some new exciting game modes that have yet to be done to any great extent and work your twist on them to make something interesting that engage players instead of just being another server with skyblock, or better yet think of a gamemode you havnt seen done yet and work with a developer to get the plugin made, its not worth starting a new hub/minigames server in the current year if you're just gonna throw plugins you saw on the front page of spigot resources and edit some messages in the plugin config

    however if you are gonna do a sky block server anyway id recommend askyblock, im not sure what you mean by mysql? i wasnt aware that askyblock currently had sql support, but even if it does im not sure what perfromance would be gained exactly from using it since most of what causes lag in skyblock servers is island generation, player made machines and entity lag
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    ASkyblock is buggy as hell and I recently discovered some intermediate to major bugs with the plugin. I'm not sure I would go for those gamemodes at this time anyways. Not just because of the bugs, but because gamemodes like Skyblock, Factions, etc., are over saturated. The community wants something new. Unless you have something really great planned out already for those gamemodes that would really make a difference then go for it. Other than that try something new.
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  4. Thanks for replying, a long time ago I had a server with about 100 people but I had to close because I did not have time.
    At the moment I want to start again to look for some idea to innovate but I would like some ideas ideas or something to know how to start today. I would be very grateful.
  5. Actually is so hard open a new server because al types is saturated. :/
  6. Custom ones aren't. ;)
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  7. Brainstorm ideas for new gamemodes, hire a developer, release it, advertise your server (in your signature :3 or ProjectWonderful). You should get at least a few players on that way.
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    You're "Self Advertisement (Please Ignore)" is irritating me. Obviously you don't want people to ignore it.

    It'd be better if you just put it out there.

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  10. Uskyblock is something i prefer, just because other skyblocks are buggy