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  1. anyone know a good tutorial for making plugins i know the basics but i want learn everything in plugin development
  2. Search the JavaDoc of spigot for new methods to use? Explore the API step by step, what you see is what you can use :) It will take a lot of time to know everything, because you can do a lot of NMS tricks or modify your spigot.jar to add your own APIs aswell
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  3. Look at tutorials on youtube and learn the javadoc for bukkit/spigot

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  4. Look at "TheBCBros" On youtube
  5. i dont want youtube tutorials javadoc is good but i didn't understand it
  6. Start small, like a /hello plugin. Just watching one video (tutorial) will help you if you cant understand
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  7. A Java Doc might be hard to read as long as you are still a beginner. The easiest way to learn it is by doing a project. Don't aim to high, do some cool stuff and when you are stuck, use google to find the solution on this forum (there is almost always a solution here and if not, just ask).
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  8. ok thank you
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