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  1. Hi, i have recently made a private survival server, and am looking for some plugins to improve it. I have all the basic things like essentials, mutliverse and stuff, and a few more things like slimefun and addons. I have custom mobs and a hard mode activation after defeating a certain boss mid-game. I wanted this to enable magic, harder mobs and stuff. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions that might help with this. Anything that makes survival harder, better, adds new items and stuff obtainable without cheats. I considered hiring a dev, but dont have alot of money, and paying someone to do something i can learn to do seems wrong, unless it is an awesome plugin. Any help is apprectiated
  2. You could add some spicy to your game with something like MythicMobs; which adds custom mobs to your server which (I think) also includes some magic. I'm not sure though. I wouldn't recommend hiring a dev for a private survival server, that wouldn't be worth the money.
  3. I have Mythic Mobs, thats what i use to add my own custom mobs, i just didnt add a full list of plugins as i have quite a few now, just wanted a couple more to improve it even more
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