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  1. Hello, I installed two plugins (PAC Anti-Cheat and DiceFurniture.) I then put them in my plugins folder, restarted my server, and then logged backed on, I did /pl and the plugins that I installed didn't show up. Any way to fix it?

    - Spigot 1.11.2
    ` 19 Plugins
    - Bought from MCProHosting
  2. Are there any errors in the console?
  3. There aren't any errors in the console.
  4. The plugins are from bukkit and I am using spigot, so maybe I should switch to bukkit?
  5. No. Spigot is a fork or bukkit that is more efficient. Bukkit is still maintained, but by the spigot team. All bukkit plugins work on spigot and vice versa
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  6. I still don't know what happened. Thanks DotRar I learned something new! :)
  7. BGHDDevelopment


    When on startup do the plugins come up in console saying (info): (plugin name) Enabled