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  1. I'm thinking of starting up a server & have the resources to accomplish this but I'd like to know some opinions from you guys about which plugin is the best in a specific category as I'm not that knowledgable into which plugin may be most efficient.

    (I'll be using the most recent version of spigot)

    Please recommend paid/premium plugins if you feel so but if you recommend something I'd like to know a reason why, not just "its better".

    • Crates (Which crates plugin is most efficient and why?)
    • Permissions (Was looking at PEX or zPermissions)
    • Trails Plugin
    • Pets plugin
    • Anti Hack Plugins (Mainly focused on PvP, not NoCheatPlus)
    • Auction plugins
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    • zPermissions is an excellent permissions plugin with great performance. It also supports multi-server setups very easily (we have run it on perhaps more than 100 servers concurrently at times).
    • EchoPet is a good pets plugin, but we only use it for its API.
    • floAuction works well as an auction plugin but has bugs (notably the secret auction "free money" bug).
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  3. Crates (Which crates plugin is most efficient and why?)

    Make one by yourself?
    Make one by yourself with the API
    NCP is handy against fly, and mayby, a bunch of moderators?
  4. You skipped the "why" part and I'm not a developer (not in java) so would it be easy to program these? I've done some extremely basic stuff before but really wouldn't have a clue and a free download one is probably faster for me since if I even was capable of making one it wouldn't have anything majorly different from a free one.

    NoCheat is too bypassable from what I see so I'll probably look into the premium ones being sold here. "A bunch of moderators" isn't really that helpful lol.

    I'll probably switch to zPermissions then, I have some problems with pex every now and then and live testing perms is annoying so that's another plus for zPerms.

    Never heard of that bug but I'm sure it exists if you say so, surely it's patched or is fixable? I mean so many servers use floAuction.

    Thanks both of you.
  5. Tux


    You can disable sealed auctions to fix the issue