Spigot PluginSpyBlock 0.8

User don't see your Plugin's!

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    PluginSpyBlock - User don't see your Plugin's!

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  2. joehot200


    Blocks /ver <tab>?

    Though I probably wont use this. I dont want to hide my plugins :p.
  3. Nice, good work.
  4. what about /bukkit:pl ?
    Best Regards, Wiktem
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  5. Most permission plugins allow for negative permissions, which means that you can just give all players this permission:

    This will block all the commands and does not require a plugin :p
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  6. add by players the next permissions
    Code (Text):
    - -bukkit.command.version
    - -bukkit.command.plugins
    - -bukkit.command.help
    thats better
  7. And howto change message?
  8. You can better make that when a players has a custom permssion not the get a custom message like
    When the have no Bukkit.command.version --> <text>
    because you need to add all ways to disable a command
    Etc. and all plugin have that problem
  9. reloading your plugin there is a mistype