Standalone PluginStats 4.2

Download & MCStats overview for BukkitDEV & Spigot Resources

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    PluginStats - Download & MCStats overview for BukkitDEV & Spigot Resources

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  2. I havent tested it beacuse im on my tablet.
    But it looks pretty good. Maybe add so we can track our own plugin.
    Realtime graphs? - I know the limits in java is low.
  3. You can track your own Plugins, just change the username to yours ;)
    Already working on Graphs, probably released in the next version.
  4. Maybe a notity system when a user buys your premium plugin (if this is possible?)
  5. I don't think it's possible to add an actual notification as soon someone buys it, because it only scans the resource pages when you refresh it.
    But I could add an highlight for premium resources if their download amount increases.
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  6. OMG it looks so BADASS now
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    Compatibility & File update

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  8. Whenever i put "ElieTGM", it says 0 plugins on both DevBukkit and Spigot.
    Some help pls?
  9. could i have it show me updates at all? so i don't need to constantly keep an eye out for updates for plugins i'm interested in etc? jw..