Plugman died?

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    speak to the author, they screwed up their jar
  2. I knew it!
  3. electronicboy

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    Code (Text):

    [02:03:46 INFO]: [PlugMan] Enabling PlugMan v2.1.3
    [02:03:46 INFO]: Done (6.885s)! For help, type "help" or "?"
    [02:03:46 INFO]: Timings Reset
    [02:03:46 INFO]: [PlugMan] Metrics started:
    [02:03:50 INFO]: [PlugMan] No update was found.
    nvm, works fine here though, must be something on your end ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  4. I downgraded and it works fine now
  5. AngelRani


    Shouldn't have to do that. It just says there's something wrong with the plugin.yml. It makes me wonder if the author even put the plugin.yml in the jar file or not. Open up the jar file of the new update with something like WinRAR and see if there is even a plugin.yml in the main directory. If not, just copy the plugin.yml from the previous update over to the new update and see if that works. If it works, you have a temporary solution that works while the author fixes their screw up.

    EDIT: Are you even using the latest jar version? The author posted on Bukkit that he uploaded a new jar because the previous one was corrupted. He just had to wait for BukkitDev staff to approve it.
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  6. That's why I downgraded. I already thought that jar was broken
  7. Author here:

    The Updater library that was used in the previous version (2.1.2) didn't follow re-directs properly, and thus broke when Curse made changes to their CDN (which returned a HTTP 301 re-direct pointing to the new URL).

    Downloading the new version (2.1.3 currently) manually will solve the problem and future updates will work properly, I've updated the project page to state this - sorry for the breakage!
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  8. AngelRani


    Version 2.1.3 is working. I just updated my server to it and I have no issues.
  9. Thanks for the help xd
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