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  1. Hey there everyone!
    I am here today just to ask for a little help, now I know after reading this thread, you're going to say "WHAT A NOOB!"

    Yes, I have only just started working with bungeecord, and this has happened a lot recently.

    When I start up bungeecord, it takes around 15 seconds for the server to begin and actually show the motd. Please tell me how to fix this.

    Log -
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    That seems normal.
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  3. I mean it takes like 20 seconds for the motd to pop up on my servers list.
  4. This is completely normal. BungeeCord needs to take 15-30 seconds for everything to get setup right. One way to make it go faster is to give it more RAM. Your log looks completely normal.
    When you see this line in the console: 03:47:40 [INFO] Listening on /
    that means that your network has started up! Message me if you need more help or have more questions.
  5. Dude, Once it's started up, it takes like 10 seconds for the MOTD To show, and then once they double click the server or click login, it takes like 10 seconds!
  6. hey wow slow down :p
    as you see, your really shattering information, and not giving us the full picture of the problem, could you please explain the entire problem in one post ?

    Your startup log shows that it takes 1-2 seconds for your server to startup, that invalidates what your first post.
    since your startup log does not show an actual connect its hard to to check the login delay you are talking about :p
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    No one is going to say "WHAT A NOOB!". We respect everyone on this network. Don't be afraid to ask for some help.
  8. 03:47:40 [WARNING] Forced host server pvp is not defined
    Maybe check your config ;)