Spigot [POC] Terraria Boss - The Destroyer 1.3

The Destroyer from Terraria ported to Minecraft

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    [POC] Terraria Boss - The Destroyer - The Destroyer from Terraria ported to Minecraft

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  2. Hi. Boss is quite interesting but you can add support for older versions. It would be great if it supports 1.10X 1.11X
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  3. Adding supports to other versions could be a tedious process, but since quite a lot of people request for supports, I might consider.
  4. thank you for your consideration
  5. @Ticxo
    This will work on 1.13?
  6. Currently, no. I haven't touched 1.13 so I need some time before releasing a supported version of it.
  7. That is such a badass plugin @Ticxo, no other way to describe it. Nice!
  8. Are you planning to update this for 1.13? o:
  9. I can't wait to see this for 1.13.2 and 1.14+ :D This is sooo freaking cool especially if there will be more optimization ^^ Sick stuff dude! Keep it up!