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    Back again.

    So recently, I learnt that Spigot doesn't work on Minecraft Pocket edition phones and tablets, because the file is a Java file. Sooner or later, is it possible for all the plugins to support both java AND mobile please!
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  3. Wont happen the portable edition is an entirely different codebase. There are mods you can get for them but are not as well developed as spigot plugins can be due to the limitations of the portable edition.
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    idk, there are no proper bedrock server softwares iirc, everything is kinda bork
    nobody really cares about bedrock
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  5. It would be beneficial to start a server on Bedrock edition, people often forget about the players on phones that don't have a computer. Currently, only large servers dually support Java & Bedrock. The problem is creating the content, not many people have experience playing Bedrock edition, as the whole "business industry" from Minecraft revolves around Computers it would be interesting for an entirely new section to open up though for Bedrock edition.
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  6. You couldn't have said it better
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    So time to point this out again, most the “spigot” like versions of pocket editions are custom made by the bigger servers. There will probably no main public spigot like PE version.

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