Pointing your domain to your server and website (w/o subdomain)

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  1. Hello,

    I searched through forums to find a way to point my domain to my network and website without the use of a subdomain, and couldn't find one. After a bit of research and experimenting with DNS, I found a way to point your domain, XXX.com to your server and website without the use of a subdomain.

    This is useful for if you're wanting to have a short domain point to a longer domain, for example: I wanted my shorter domain mcvg.us to point to mcverge.com.

    One way to do it is host your website and network on the same server, but this isn't where I'm going. However if you prefer to do it that way, go for it.

    If you're like me, and host your website on a different server other than your minecraft server, then this guide is most likely for you. In order to do it however, you will need to have the following.

    • (Preferably) Cloudflare Account
    • (Preferably) 2 domains, one main and one as an addon
    • Webhost (I used a shared one with cPanel, but I'm sure any panel would work)
    • Minecraft Server
    I think I'll also use my domain as an example as we go through the steps.

    1. The first thing you should do before you go any further is set your nameservers on your domain to point to your webhost. I use the domain 'mcvg.us' as an addon domain. If you already did this, you can skip down.
    2. If you do not have one already, setup a cloudflare account, put the domain you want to use, update your nameservers to what cloudflare gives you, and wait from a few minutes to couple hours.

    After you go through steps 1-3, you should get a screen like this. In this example, I'm using the domain mcvg.us.

    4. Hit the 'DNS' button at the top, and scroll down to your DNS records which will look something like this:
    5. Create an 'A' record, and for the 'Name' box, put the @, and for the 'IPv4 address', put the IP address of your server without the port. Then, create an SRV record (if necessary) if you want to hide your port. I wont get in depth with that, as there are many tutorials out there that show you how to do that.
    6. You should be all set, test if you can connect to your server via minecraft.

    Wait! You aren't quite finished
    1. Log into the cPanel of your webhost (again, I haven't used any other panel, so I don't know how they work, but they should still do the same thing)
    2. Assuming you're using your domain as an addon domain, scroll down to the Domains section, and click on 'Redirects'
    Leave the type as 'Permanent (301), and for the next box select the domain you used from above, XXX.com. The next box with the slash in front, leave it empty, and for redirects, point it to the main domain.

    For my case, my main domain is mcverge.com, and the addon domain was mcvg.us, so I had it redirect to http://mcverge.com

    If you followed through the steps, you should be good to go!
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  2. Sinclare

    Sinclare Previously xSinclare

    Thanks for sharing this! Was always curious about this method.
  3. No problem, glad this could be of help!
  4. Thanks, was looking for a tutorial like this. May i ask , what plan did you use the free one or another?
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  5. I'm using the free plan :)
  6. great, thanks once again.
  7. No problem, glad this could be helpful!
  8. or just use Enjin DNS stuff. That's what I use - way easier
  9. This guide is primarily aimed towards people who use an alternative CMS and hosts it on their own web server. ;)
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  10. Since when Enjin had DNS stuff like CloudFlare have?
  11. They have always had DNS management. That's how people use their own domains with Enjin...