Hungergames Points Winner?

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  1. Hello,

    where the points are entered by the winner?

    This is a part of my config:

    # Should the plugin use the mysql database?
    UseMySql: true

    # And setup connection details here.
    MySqlUser: ***************
    MySqlPass: ****************
    MySqlDatabase: hungergames

    # How much should the player get for winning
    # Keep this up for as long as you like. Such as Winner666: 3
    # Means if there is a player who came '666' he gets this.
    Winner1: 10
    Winner2: 5
    Winner3: 3

    Thats in my MySQL Database:

    But where the winner Points?

    Thanks for you helping.
  2. libraryaddict


    It hooks into vault, which requires a economy plugin.
    The plugin doesn't actually handle its own currency system