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    In order to adapt to a changing internet landscape we are progressively updating the various policies, rules, and terms that govern usage of this website and related services.

    To begin with, a large part of the forum rules have been rewritten for clarity and conciseness. There is no (intentional) change to their overall contents or function, however some "common law" rules already enforced by the moderation team have been codified. These changes are effective immediately.

    Second, we will soon be implementing Privacy and Cookie policies that govern all usage of our services. These are legal documents for which agreement will be mandatory to continue using the forums. They are not yet in effect and we are using this opportunity to solicit feedback on them. Please give them a read and email policy (at) spigotmc.org if you have any serious questions or concerns that you believe need to be addressed, and we will endeavour to look at them.

    ~Spigot Team
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