[POLL] Adding support for cracked servers

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Should people add support for cracked servers in their plugins ?

  1. Yes

    17 vote(s)
  2. No

    90 vote(s)
  1. Hi,

    The question in this poll is simple: should developers add support for servers that use names and don't use UUID's (= cracked servers) ?

  2. saphiria


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  3. Well.. The poll says it all (Currently Y:0 N:5)

    I don't want to support people, who don't want to pay 20$ for a game with endless possibilities...
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  4. While I voted "no", I also recognize that there are some players out there who, due to age or country of origin, can't actually purchase the game. However I still don't think we should make efforts to support piracy, even if it's the only way some people can play.
  5. Even though most of us propably downloaded a game or program or anything illegally,
    from a developers' point of view, we shouldn't encourage such thing.

    Although, if you have an authentication plugin of some sort, plugins should kind of support offline mode.
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  6. if we do that then we will getting this: Microsoft/mojang will stop support/updating minecraft due the piracy etc and more cracked players will be joined
  7. If you have a PC and Internet you're able to pay a game...
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  8. If people want to make minecraft servers / use plugins they should just pay for the game itself.
  9. Programmers are lazy
    I am a programmer
    Cracked users should buy the game
    Will I add UUID support?
    You can guess 2 times
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  10. In some countries people just CAN'T BUY THE F*CKING GAME... Why? Because their countries are poor and you cant have $20 for a game if you get $200 per month and you need to pay for stuff like water and food and etc... so, where are the money for the game ??
    That is why i have a cracked server. I want to support these people who dont have money for the game so, my answer is YES!

    EDIT: And the parent wont give them money from a game saying "We dont want to pay for shit..."
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  11. No just no. Why should premium users allow cracked users on servers they are running? And if they don't buy game why should they get all the benefits we get?
  12. To be honest, if someone wants to pirate a game then let them pirate it. But understandably, they will never receive the full benefits of buying premium. Minecraft in my opinion, is money well spent.
  13. Not everyone can get a credit card.. there are other nations out there besides US and Europe, you know :)
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  14. How are you supposed to afford a PC and internet then?
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  15. *I support piracy
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  16. im not talking about me.....
  17. How are they supposed then?
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  18. Correction: How are others supposed to afford a PC and internet yet. And also if you read clearly I was generalising, not aiming at you or any specific person.
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  19. If you can pay for a computer and internet connection good enough for Minecraft, you can afford the game, as simple as that.
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  20. I'm sorry, but you're arguing like a little child...
    If your family is poor, you won't have PC and an internet-connection...
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