[POLL] Adding support for cracked servers

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Should people add support for cracked servers in their plugins ?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. 0 to 0.
    4 bits are used to store version/type of UUID, random and generated from name, have other types.

    Duplicates in cracked uuids? maybe... but... there isn't big chance, but IDK why mojang added that "OfflinePlayer:" I think that this make bigger chance for collision.
    So I think that it's safe enough.
  2. Thing is cracked servers do use UUID's, offline UUIDs generated by players names. :p
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  3. I would say so, I can only imagine the amount of time it would take to add support for both modes. I know I have well over 500 lines of database code that would have to be reworked to support a cracked server. I just check the server mode and if it's offline, I call the disable method.
  4. I think no , But some of developers may use name for cracked players. I voted no , because they're cracked and It's illegal to have it.
  5. Pretty sure it's not illegal to allow players to bypass mojang's authentication on your own server. It's not even cracked software, all you gotta do is change a boolean inside the config.

    As for enforcing developers to support cracked servers: I believe it's completely up to the developer and shouldn't be dictated. I personally don't use UUIDs on my private server because i'm a fan of auto increment based integer ID's. But for a public plugin, UUID is the only way to go to because it's static and you don't ever have to worry about a users UUID changing.

    Edit: Also "cracked" servers still use UUID. It's just not at all reliable - not cross server, and changes even if the user introduces a cap letter rather then a lowercase or vice versa.
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  6. as wikipedia says "A crack refers to the mean of achieving software cracking", the fact is we are not cracking the software, we are just disabling authentication which is a built in standard feature of minecraft, therefore its intentional and not wrong nor illegal.
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  7. Offline UUIDs work cross server with the same username, you are right anything changes in the username including the case the UUID will be completely different.
  8. Support should be given to cracked servers
  9. Personally

    I do prefer offline-mode servers. My aim is Latin American people. In here we are still scared of using our credit cards online, we don´t have stores like you do that you can purchase Minecraft easily. Here the only way to do it is throught credit card. Years ago, my mother would not let give me her credit card at all, so I can kind of understand my people.

    Here, spend 30$ for a game in internet is considered A LOT, since it is not normal.

    However, if parents seems their kids playing a lot a game, they will for sure purchase it for them at some point.

    I have seen so many cases of people changing from having a cracked version to actually paying the game. I can also say I am one of those cases.

    I don´t see why developers should not support it, they can if they want to its up to them.

    Also, consider the fact that is ironic but poor people will always have:

    - The best HD TV
    - The best MP3 player
    - The last phone in the market
    - The last PC

    However their life are full of stress because they need to pay for all this stuff on a month basis in their budget is really limited


    And yes, many of my players goes to the cyber just to play minecraft
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  10. very stupid idea, like bungeecord need have offline mode, and you don't need enable bg i spigot.yml to use it.

    And it's even more stupid, just because calling onDisable method don't disable plugin.
  11. Similar to you, I come from China.
  12. Regardless of "cracked" or what we are talking right now, I NEVER support name changes.

    When you change your name, you are a new man. Why do you hate your name, that you came up by yourself beforehand? In my server, if a player changed his name, every plugin-supported things will be just gone. This includes their ranks (it is basically a rank for "recognized" player and nothing else), their [private] Lockette chests and such. Well, especially for the rank. Nobody want to see a "unfamiliar" player with a "recognized" rank mhm?

    I also implemented a plugin that allows players to see anyone used names, just in case.

    Ps: I almost typed "Player" as "player" rofl
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  13. This is the same issue I have on the server I'm admin on. When players change their name they lose everything. They then complain about it and we are like not our fault all our plugins support UUIDS so it's obviously not working. This is the reason why I haven't changed my name
  14. Actually "changing name will result in losing everything" is in our player-server agreement, I also had a server blog post that showed warning. In general, ~70% of the players will regret their name changes, regardless they know the consequences or not.
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  15. But by disabling the authentication, aren't you giving the cracked players the means to achieve the crack? Since multiplayer Minecraft is a feature they wouldn't have otherwise, isn't that effectively software cracking?
    Not that I know anything about legality or this topic, just playing devil's advocate.
    I changed my name from 'bluerossman' to 'Bluerossman'. I don't hate the name nor would I be an unrecognized player after the change. Yet most plugins would see me as a different player after the name change.
  16. Mojang put it in ages ago. Notch even said that most pirates end up buying the game anyway because what else have they got to do? Cracked servers normally aren't as good as the premium networks.

    Seems a bit OTT. I've changed the names of some of my alt accounts to become more OG and some people do it to have a better name.
  17. Mojang implemented offline mode (disabling authentication), not the modding community or another individual, it is an intentional feature of the minecraft server whether it be spigot or vanilla and is therefore not "cracking" the software. If it was "cracking" the software offline mode would have been a thing that the modding community added to allow "modified" clients to play the game or someone else and vanilla wouldnt have the option to disable authentication. So your not breaking the law having a "cracked" server as its a built in feature as standard.
  18. At least you never get sued for running one.
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    I don't support cracked servers for the plugins I make.