[POLL] Are programmers anti social?

Discussion in 'Gaming Lounge' started by fujiboy4, May 13, 2015.

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  1. Answer the question: Are programmers anti social?

  2. Its a stereotype and everyone is different. You can't simply classify all programmers as antisocial.

    Also some may appear antisocial, but talk online with people commonly.
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  3. That's why it's a trick question.. shhh don't tell anyone :p
  4. depends who u consider social or anti social. I'd probably consider like 95% of spigot anti social irl, but online they probably have 500 40 year old friends who theyve never met.
  5. Btw this is a really hard trick question cause... THERE IS NO ANSWER... dont tell no one... XD
  6. I have a outside life.. no one knows I write Java; its nothing that I am serious about; I run track, cross country and I play soccer
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  7. I have been homeschooled for the past 3 years, I have left my house's premises twice since the start of 2015 (less than 5 times during 2014), all previous friends I had from school and my childhood I have not spoken to in over a year.
    more than 75% of speaking I do, is in my head.
    I frequently think and speak in code or code-like syntax.
    I often confuse people completely with things I say, for example: when people scream "lag" on a server and a server-wide latency increase comes across a server, I explain to them how a DDoS attack was probably detected and that the provider enabled migration causing all incoming packets to be thoroughly analyzed and inspected.
    I often mispronounce and stutter words while speaking out-loud, due to the fact I rarely speak out-loud at all.

    Though the all developers and programmers being anti-social may be a general stereotype, I am a complete nolife and unlike many others, I am fine admitting it.
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  8. This is why I dont take coding seriously.. I dont see how someone could live like this. :/
  9. Cool!
  10. I fail to see the point of your comment, you don't take developing seriously because you don't like how other developers live?

    I also would like to point out how you called it "coding", that word is an enemy to true developers, please stop.
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  11. Theepwner


    Do you wish to "have" a "life"?
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  12. What do you want it too be called "developing"?.. jeez didnt know it meant so much too you.. I dont take "developing" seriously because having a life is way better.. I have a lot of friends, and I am athletic and doing something with my life rather than sitting in the house all day "developing" stuff for a game full of 8 year olds.. even if I wanted to live like most developers my parents would pick me up and throw me outside and say something like "Do something useful"
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  13. Not at all.

    Our society has became something that completely disgusts me, I am ashamed of my current and future generation and I am ashamed to be apart of it.
    Our past leaders, creators and warriors of the world did everything they did for the future, for all of us to have a chance at a better world.
    Our society makes me want to live in another presence, preferably a time before 1950.

    Our current world is ran by currency and exchange, people have no sense of too much and crave power due to them taking advantage of everything already beneath them.
    Our society is full of egotistic maniac's who will follow and do anything just to fit in, they will like something because others like it and they will believe anything cause others believe it.

    Yes, i'm looking at you iPhone users, twitter users, twilight lovers and attention whores.

    I could go on for thousand's of lines, but it will not mean anything due to the fact that all of you will still continue on with your normal live's.

    goto school, graduate highschool, goto college, specialize in something generic such as law, find a pretty girl and marry her, have a few kids, and enjoy the rest of your life of paying taxes for your president to have fundraisers, your bitchy wifes yoga bill, your bratty kids iphones and cars.
    something useful?

    in the past 3 years, I have became fluent in 3 different programming languages, I have made around $3000 from a minecraft server ran on a virtual machine, I have made around $500 from freelance developing work, I have learned the fundamentals and workings of TCP & UDP (internet protocol suite), I understand general networking and I can fluently work with the linux command-line "system"

    I am on the verge of being accepted into Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science, that is if I work for it enough.

    So now I beg the following question, what are your plans for the future?
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  14. Developer = A person who truly knows the language they are programming in almost entirley, and can write good code in it.
    Coder = A person who knows their language well, can create code that is acceptable, but often isn't the best possible way to do something. They also often don't like programming as much as developers do
  15. Developing is quite profitable. What you learn in your childhood here (Java, Python, etc.), can turn into your daily job, if you enjoy doing it. You're not necessarily developing for "a game full of 8 year olds" you're developing a possible career. The average software engineer makes around $100k a year, depending on the company.
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  16. Programmer = A person who programs.
    Coder = A word that doesn't exist, never has existed, and never should exist.
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  17. First off, I would like to say that I do somewhat have a "life". If I didnt go to public school, It would be 100% different. I wake up at 6, go to jail (school) for 7 hours come home and do my own thing, by my self, for 10+ hours. The 7-4 hours of sleep is just enough for me. The way you look at life is your opinion. The way you made that statement, sounds like your bashing on people who dont live the main stream life. "Having a life is way better" That bothers me. Good for you, you like your life. Other, including my self, like ours the way it is.

    I cant agree with this more.
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  18. I was explaining the connotations of the words. Also, the word coder exists, maybe not as a word however, -- it's just not considered a nice thing to say by many people, and it is slang.
  19. Really is sad how true it all is. Almost everyone at school is the same to me... iPhones, Instagram, Selfies, Football/Basketball team.. it's disappointing almost nobody is unique anymore, and those that are constantly get shit for not being like everyone else.
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