[POLL] Are programmers anti social?

Discussion in 'Gaming Lounge' started by fujiboy4, May 13, 2015.

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  1. o..m..g, you didn't see the 129th new Fast and Furious movie? wow that's like so like not cool!

    See, the thing about the new F&F movie is, since they did the whole "dedicated to the memory of Paul Walker", if someone says "eh, the movie wasn't that good", they'll be hated by society because the egotistic maniac's of society must not admit they didn't like the movie or the other egotists will call them out for not "appreciating paul walkers memory"

    oh and, does my ass look fat in these pants?
    I was sure to throw up all of my food i've eaten in the last month, but god I feel so fat!
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  2. NotoriousNemo


    I would say most free lance programmers are probably anti social. Or anyone that works at home is probably anti social, it comes with the territory i would think.
  3. As much as I respect how you don't feel embarrassed to admit it, I could never live like that. You may not think so, nor do many people on these forums maybe but going outside, and being with your friends makes me feel better overall. I could never stay on my computer for more than 6 hours (And thats only when I have nothing to do, most of the time it's wayyy less. but even when i dont have anything to do i find other things). But you have your hobbies, I have mine.
    I agree, and if I wanted to become a developer I'd let it learn slow and steady, not 10 hours a day. But hey, these people will probably grow rich and be our bosses one day, but I'd rather enjoy every moment of life, even with its ups and downs, than be without a life for a long time to finally have everything I want (And that might not even bring happiness)
    Yea, I agree the society is shit, but everyone does what they like and somehow it works out.
    Even if they follow others, sometimes it makes people FEEL cool (As dumb as that may sound...) and what else could you want.

    You may not like social media, but theres millions who do. Many don't like developing, and think it's boring, but you think otherwise don't ya?

    Yea you could go for more lines, and your right it wont mean anything, at all. Because I'd rather have my normal life then a boring life. I understand theres greed, and bad things in the world, but it will never be fixed and it's something to just have to live with. And make every moment count.

    And wow, it took you 3 years to make 6.5K total, and you worked all day every day, and didn't step out of your house? My parents could make that in maybe 2 months.

    Technology is corrupting people as they become more anti social. Some might be happy being anti social, but I can garuntee if you had friends and went outside you'd have way more fun.
    Honestly I agree with this, but its how it works (The getting shit for not being like others, I don't think everyone is the same). I wish we could control what other people thought of others, but its out of our control. Thats one of the problems with the world, but hey the world will NEVER be perfect, and even in history it was never perfect, deal with it. If it was, what would be so good about it?
    Yea uhh, 7th. Alot of people were hyped for it because it was tributed to one of the best actors (imo), so theres no reason at all to hate on something other people like.
    And you see, I've only seen people over the internet bag on others (etc youtube comments etc) for not liking a movie. many people irl (Oh wait, you've never been in real life...) respect others opinions and keep it to themselves if they dont. Never seen a fight for liking a movie.
  4. I never said I worked all day everyday, I am actually pretty lazy and don't do much freelance work.

    I would also like to point out how you immediately went to how much money I made, proving exactly my point.

    Everything I have done in the past 3 years has been about the exact opposite of gaining profit.
    The knowledge I have gained and things I have learned are priceless. I remember 4 years ago, being a noob tired of other developers plugins that are shit, don't work or advertise their own servers in the messages, and its for that exact reason that I attempt to make every single piece of code I write, public, opensource and free.

    As for my comment about F&F 7, it was sarcastic.
    We all can see F&F is using Paul Walker's death as a publicity stunt for more views and ratings.
    I respect others opinions fully.

    friends? lol more like future enemies.
    getting close to people is never a good idea, everybody strictly cares about themselves, money and power no matter what they tell you or make you believe.

    just opinions though, right?
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  5. Altruism might not exist, but it is possible that being close to someone benefits both parties. I'm just speculating though.
  6. saphiria


    Same here. I have a big outside life. Nobody I know has any idea that I play Minecraft, or write Java. I do cross country, track, and every once and a while soccer.
  7. I consider myself pretty social. I've moved 3 times in the past 2 years for work stuff. I recently visited Switzerland and soon will be visiting France. I don't program for a living and only do it for my own projects so take that as you will. All people are different. In college I remember seeing the guys that were hard time programers in CS/CS hanging out and being pretty social. Just depends on the person. I personally love talking to people in person and online. Makes my job fun, work with other nationalities all the time and I love it.
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  8. Depends on the person. But I do find that a lot of programmers are very serious all the time. Like many people on spigot (no offense) take things much too seriously when what they are replying to stuff that is meant to be funny. It is good to be serious. Just be a bit less serious sometimes.
  9. Like a few other people here, my friends have no idea that I know Java. I think a few know that I have played Minecraft, but Java, no. I'm not in any sports; although, I do lift weights and run every day and I wouldn't consider myself anti-social since I have plenty of friends. This is more of a stereotype then anything.
  10. [​IMG]
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  11. Out of curiosity how old are you?

    What event(s) do you run?
  12. 15, as of 3 months ago.
  13. saphiria


    How can you stand not going outside, or parties?
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  14. Proves how unhealthy your becoming. I'm 200% sure that if you stay inside pretty much your life, its not at all healthy. Atleast do some work if your gonna be on your computer/whatever your doing all day long I'd have to say.

    And I did not immediately go to how much money you made? Just pointing it out.

    Are you tryna say paul walker faked his death? I doubt that, yeah that tragedy brought more attention to the franchise, but wouldn't the death of any big person/actor?

    Yeah uhm most of my friends don't betray me, maybe you got into the wrong group of people, or just hate everything (like a goth or whatever they're called, no offense to you personally). And I can tell you when it comes to caring of close people, people don't always care AS much about themselves, if you click with the people, then they got your back and will actually care about you.
  15. parties? so I can be a cool kid and get drunk? no thanks.
    my parents are very understanding and not clouded by judgement, when I wanted to try alcohol a few years back, I of course took some from my mother, she found out and told me next time to just ask (she wanted me to realize that it really is nothing special)
    I have had my fair share of liquor before, and marijuana.

    Sure, it's fun to kickback and have some drinks on new years, but that's just it.

    I am not interested in a relationship at my current age as most teenage girls are exactly what I hate in society.

    I have managed to keep myself, well, not completely fat.
    I am only about 10 pounds over the average weight for my age, I primarily drink ice tea and water and I avoid any kinda of soda at all costs.

    Going a off-topic here, gonna stop.
    I go out and exercise on my trampoline here and there, my 2 dogs are very active and energetic so they keep me out of breath after playing rope with them.

    and c'mon, if I said paul walker faked his own death, i'd be just another conspiracist, right?

    i'm not "goth", I just understand are society's members crave for things.
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  16. Not every teenager parties xD
  17. I dont understand, why bash on someone because of their life style. In my option, its completely uncalled for and its rude. Their life, and they are happy. Why tell them its not right?
    Off topic, but what do you do for home school? Is it really home school, with like a "Teacher" or do you do online?
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  18. well, I started homeschool after completing 5th grade, from there, my mother homeschooled me for around a year and the we kinda both realized that I know everything I need to know for the future, thats when I started with minecraft and developing and all, and when my mother realized what I was doing with just a computer and keyboard and what I was learning, she understood that it would be non-beneficial for me to keep doing same-old schoolwork.

    Now, I do what I do on the internet and help my little brother with school.
  19. So, correct me if im wrong, your technically not doing school? Rather self thought developing, wearing things along those lines for future? Sounds, fun! Funny thing is, so many people will tell you thats so bad or what ever, yet all the jobs, the future, is in technology. Period.
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